Inspired by the world of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll only instead of a magical naturesque land, Alice finds herself in a dystopian metropolis. Filled with machines and robots. Alice will have an explosive adventure ahead of her.


Alice Dreams Tournament features a roster of four playable characters that could be selected by the player. There are also more than 60 hidden characters!

Playable characters:

  • Alice, 19 years old. She is born at Actuapolis, a town of 50,000,000 inhabitants. Lost in an industrial town, she tries to find a balance between herself and nature. To do this, she travels to Astereopolis. A parallel world where reality and imagination are one in the same.
    Her quest: to understand the meaning of things and to find her place.
  • Red Queen, The 1,000 years old queen of Asteropolis. Everyone in Asteropolis must bow against her highness and beauty. She does not like anyone but her ego.
    Her quest: To dominate the world.
  • Rabbit, 127 years old. Alice seems to find in him a spiritual and geographical guide of Astereopolis. But following him proves to be a bad idea, as he leads her through the rabbit hole.
    In reality he lives in the world of Asteropolis without any attachment. he is without any doubt the most stupid of the country. Completely careless he is often finds himself in the worst of troubles. He is the only one to disregard the tyranny of the queen. His Quest: He doesn’t even know himself.
  • Robot, 5 years old. It was created by a scientist to control the disorder and crime. The goal is to create the perfect tool that all nations will want to buy. But this prototype was stolen and lost just after its creation. It therefore has neither master nor own will. It basically makes the basic rules that imposed him.
  • The Tournament was created by the queen who can not bear the casual behavior of Alice, the Rabbit and the robot. It aims to impose her superiority that she considers as unshakable !