Photos of the game !!


Here are some pictures of the game taken this weekend during the RGP in Meaux!




(Thanks to Psyhodelik for the last 2 photos)

Thanks again to all of you for helping us fulfill our dream! We have finally been able to hold in our hands the concretization of all these years of development!


Amazing emotion and joy!

We are in the process of preparing the shipments, they will soon leave for you! The PAL collector version is not ready yet because we still lack the front covers (not delivered by mistake by the factory). And a part of the back covers (in delivery). Some of the lamps are also still in production.

Sales are stopped until the games are sent to contributors. We will then open an online store to sell the remaining copies!

If you want to know more, here is an interview given to JeuDePixel at the RGC 2016:


See you soon !