August update !

Hello dear friends

It’s time to give you news on the progress of the project!

1) Good news for the special characters !! We achieved in contacting the last person who missed by phone ! Every characters are now drawn and included in the game ! Time is now to generate a cheatcode for everyone !


2) We went at the “Infoticaires 2016” at Courcelles (France, Nièvre). We made a great beta-test and we validated our last developments on the “Bomb Paint mode” and the additionnal VMUs interactions !



3) We’ll be at Strasbourg for the “Start to Play 2016” ! We will test the “Hide & Seek” mode playable 1-4 players with only one VMU ! Don’t hesitate to come and play !



4) Consoles and controllers customized for the game, will be made by the famous artist Vadu Amka ! She is currently at work and here some photos :


Please note that these controllers are for the 2 contributors who backed for the “Ultimate Dreamcast fan” !


5) In its special issue devoted to the Dreamcast, the french magazine “JV” features an article on independent games and we’re lucky to be quoted!



See you soon !