Making off, Characters and “Infoticaires 2016” !

Hello dear friends !!

It’s time to give you news on the progress of the project!


  • The making off is almost done. We have to prepare the subtitles in English!

    Preview  :

  • We had a lot of difficulties to contact all backers who had requested a character in the game. Luckily, we managed to reach all except one person (Spark). We hope that he will finally answer to private messages and email before it’s too late! So we have to integrate all created characters and generate a cheatcode for everyone!
  • We will go to “Infoticaires 2016” at Courcelles (France, Nièvre). It is a retrogaming convention that brings together passionate of video games. Collectors, players and curious people will share their passion (registration is closed). On this occasion, we will test our latest developments: gameplay modifications for the “bom paint mode” and the various maps providing additional VMUs interactions! We will also meet there several contributors!


  • Finally, we would like you to discover “Revival Gamers“, a french magazine that covers new homebrew games on the retro machines! This magazine goes milestone and we wish him good luck!